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In the most recent show, I had the opportunity to speak with one of the forces behind Project Blue Book: The TV Show. Auturo Interian is a senior vice present at A&E which owns History and he provided some insight into the way the series has been structured and the thought processes behind the construction of the series. You can listen to the show here:
The one thing that has come through, loud and clear, in my communications with Auturo and in our discussion of the show is his deep interest in UFOs. He said that his interest was sparked by Close Encounters of the Third Kind and from that point on, studied the subject. What caught my attention was that he was aware of some of the more esoteric aspects of UFOs. When I asked who was Neal McDonough was, meaning who is the general he plays, Auturo said he was a combination of Nathan Twining and Charles Cabell. While most people know who Twining was, far fewer understood the role of Cabell in all…

Project Blue Book - Episode 6 - Green Fireballs

Although the episode had the underpinnings of the Green Fireballs, the lights displayed on the screen bore little resemblance to the real thing. The TV lights acted more like the Foo Fighters and other displays of nocturnal lights. This was probably intension on the part of the series creators.
There is a thread developing in the show that began with the Fuller (Gorman) dogfight, in which he was chased or chased an object that was more fuzzy light than structured craft. The Lubbock Lights episode kept that alive while the Flatwoods Monster concentrated more on the creature than the object, which was not clearly defined.
We know, based on the previews, that we’re going to be treated to the Florida Scoutmaster case. He saw an object, approached it and was “attacked” by something from inside the craft. Three boy scouts were also there and provided information for the Project Blue Book investigators. I suspect that we’ll have another display of lights in the night sky like we have seen in …

Deming, New Mexico Movie - November 1957

It’s happened again. While searching for something else I stumbled onto something that is interesting. I have been unable to find much in the way of additional information and thought that I would ask for some help.
According to NICAP’s The U.F.O. Investigator of January, 1958: At 7:30 p.m. [November 3, 1957] at Deming, New Mexico, a large brightly-lit object swept in over the area. It was seen by Robert Toby, radio station owner and GOC [Ground Observer Corps] and CBS-TV cameraman Russell B. Day. As the UFO maneuvered through the clear sky, Day recorded its movements on 35 feet of film. The APRO Bulletin for November, 1957, gives a little more information. There I learned that:
On 3 November, 1957, at 7:30 p.m. CBS-TV cameraman Russell B. Day filmed 35 to 40 feet of film of a UAO at Deming, New Mexico while perched atop the fire station in the G.O.C. tower. Day had spent six nights on watch for a UAO. With him were Bob Toby, owner of the local radio station, a G.O.C. observer and two teen…

Project Blue Book - Episode Five - Foo Fighters

I’m not sure how the Foo Fighters fit into the latest episode of Project Blue Book. True, they did talk to a group of former and maybe retired military pilots who talked about their experiences, but there is no real evidence that anyone at Blue Book ever investigated the Foo Fighters. These retired pilots tales of Foo Fighters did match those told by actual World War Two veterans but that doesn’t get the information into Blue Book.
This episode seemed to focus more on the ancillary issues, that is, what was happening on the home front and with the spies who were monitoring the Hyneks. These side issues don’t have much to do with Blue Book but do move us closer to an X-Files vibe and into the realm of drama. That is not to say this is a bad thing, only that we are moving away from the reality of Blue Book.
Although Project Blue Book (the show and not the investigation) suggested that the Foo Fighters first appeared in the late stages of the war, and it is true the name, Foo Fighters, was…